"...the best way to know God is to love... there lies true strength,
and he who loves accomplishes great things, and is capable of others,
and what is done by love is well done."
- Vincent van Gogh


 iGraphicz is me, Ilse Siengalewicz.
I'm a one woman design studio somewhere up in the mountains
of Austria in a small town called Kitzbühel, famous for skiing,
snowboarding and its 6-months lasting winters.

Since I was a little girl, I was
fascinated of colors and shapes and spent hours and hours
sketching and painting.
So it was always clear for me to become an artist.
Nevertheless I started with a very conservative job:
In order to make a living I worked as a doctor's assistant
for many years, but at this time I made experience with
almost everything related to art and creation and studied
all variety of techniques from simple pen to 3D computer
graphics. So over the years it came to first requests for
some graphic design work, but above all I did a lot of artwork.
Apart free work - graphics, aquarels and oilpaintings - also
commisioned work - portraits and book illustrations.
Encouraged by some design awards and positive feedback
from art exhibitions and clients, I decided to keep it up.

Just to give it a name, I made a
diploma at a 3-years graphic school and in addition I followed
lessons of art and history of art with some famous European
Since 1995 I'm on my own in a small design studio working
on all kinds of projects as a freelance artist.

Most work I do is corporate design and
webdesign for companies, but also jobs for social projects, non-profit
organisations and artists.
As a freelance artist I'm able to provide you with all kinds of illustration work.
Coputer generated artwork, 3d-graphics as well as handmade designs
and models out of all kind of materials.
Just now I'm starting to specialize in typography and font design.
And last, another useful great passion of mine is photography,
especially with macro lens.

My work is not limited to special techniques.
Each job requires its own approach.
Instead of following fast-changing fashions or using attention grabbing
effects I always preferred to find out the essence of the things.
It's important to be conscious of what we really want to tell the others.
This works in commercial art as well as in fine art.
I admire most all creative work that hasn't lost its intense attraction
over the years - in this case the creator has been able to appeal
to our eyes, our heart and our soul.

To find more information about my work,
please check out the contact page - there you'll find links to portfolio
pages with more details and a resumé.
If you want to
contact me, be free to write in English, Italian or

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