Oh yes,
You are right, there is something missing
in my virtual art-studio.....

 ...I know, you're missing the light smell of venetian
turpentine and lineseed oil, the mess out of papers,
canvas, sticky brushes and pencils, half finished
and freshly varnished paintings and my two cats
lying in the sun, of course always in the best place..

 It's almost impossible to show you the oilpaintings
as the are, I can give you only an impression,
a short glance.
Colors might be slightly changed, many details get
lost on screen, but I think, you're still feeling the
conception and the idea behind.

 The paintings are not really abstract, you'll be able
to make out familiar shapes and contrasts, but what
you see is also in your phantasy.....

 If you're interested in a color print of any painting
please contact me or even better, visit me in my
real studio - my cats will be pleased....

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(coming soon)

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